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IT Solutions
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Insurance industry

Our experience in the insurance sector is diverse, ranging from SEO Solutions to multi-language and multi-country platform developments, including webscraping of replacement and acquisition costs of electrical appliances in the context of replacements and customer claims.

Health industry

Our experience in the health sector focuses on the development of hybrid apps for weight control, motivational coaching, calorie control, and other dual purpose preventive monitoring developments, both for the health sector directly and for companies in the insurance sector .

Finance industry and BI

Our experience in the financial sector and in Business Intelligence developments ranges from solutions for value updates, inflation calculators, price index forecasts, and dashboards for monitoring key variables in the banking sector with month-to-month, year-on-year variations. nominal, real and percentage variations; the latter, for credit stocks and securities on the asset side, as well as deposits and other liabilities on the liability side; equity indices, liquidity and capital ratios, performance ratios and many other variables.

  • Consultoría de TICs e Informática en España

  • Outsourcing de informática en España

  • Offfshoring de informática en España

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