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From ideas to reality

Accelerate innovation, offshoring solutions

M&B Consulting (Offshoring de Informática en España)

Quadruple your IT developments with the same budget or save up to 75% on development costs.

Be faster, accelerate your development with high performance, low risk offshoring solutions.

IA,Machine learning, Webapp, Mobility, ecommerce, Business Intelligence...

Build your own dream team !

Build you dream team now!

Our Servuces
Software Architecture

software development java j2ee c++ ...

e-commerce, SEO and digital marketing

SEO, e-commerce and digital marketing

Data Science & 

Algorithms Analytics AppEngine AWS Big Data C++ ...

Full Stack development

Systems infrastructure, hardware, OS installation, querying databases, API / back-end code in Ruby, Java, Python, ...

Cloud Architecture & Development

HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery...

... or any other profile you might need! 

Feel free to ask for any other profile you need, not only within IT, but also of finance, business planning, accounting, ... 


“With M & B Consulting we've developed a weight control app that is already nominated for a prize with the largest insurance company in Europe.”

app mc360

Board of Directors


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